Monday, April 26, 2010

Partners In Crime (Or At Least In Publishing)

The last two years or so, I've been producing illustrations for Cyberwizard Productions. This small, but valiant, publishing house is still trying to get a proper foothold, but has already published a number of very good fantsy and sci-fi books. Those are the only ones I've read, since I've been illustrating some of them. The writing is as good as some of the fantasy bestsellers I've read, and sometimes even better.

Through friends of friends, I got in touch with Kelly Christiansen at Cyberwizard Productions. She took a fancy to my art and comissioned some illustrations for the humorous fantasy/sci-fi anthology Strange Worlds of Lunacy. After that I did art for L. Frank Baum's American Fairytales (not yet published).

Just published, however, is Night Ship to Never, another anthology, collecting the sci-fi poems of David Kopaska-Merkel and Kendall Evans (some examples of the illos shown below).

And there is more to come...